The results are listed below. Each pairing of categories is listed.
If no relationship was found, "NR" is listed.
If a relationship was indicated, the probability of it being random chance is given.
There is general but not complete symmetry between pairs.
That is knowledge of "A" may be a little more helpful in predicting "B",
than knowledge of "B" is for predicting "A".
But, reassuringly, the results are always similar.
Because there are 171 possible pairing,
this should be taken in to account in choosing an appropriate significance level.
If we want to be about 95% confident that we have not included any false positives,
then we should only consider relationships where the probability listed
is less than or equal to .0003
A listing of all the results is here.
Here are the results found to be significant at the .0003 level:

222-221 .0003
222-220 2E-06
211-212 1E-05
211-210 8E-10
112-012 3E-17
112-002 1E-11
212-211 5E-07
212-210 2E-08
221-222 .0003
221-121 9E-16
221-220 2E-06
122-121 .0001
122-120 .0002
121-221 2E-12
121-021 2E-24
121-120 2E-19
121-020 .0002
012-112 4E-23
021-221 .0003
021-120 3E-06
021-020 3E-05
220-222 3E-06
220-221 3E-06
120-121 8E-25
120-021 2E-05
120-020 8E-06
210-211 6E-14
210-212 9E-08
020-121 2E-05
020-021 5E-06
020-120 1E-06
202-200 2E-06
201-200 2E-10
200-202 3E-06
200-201 1E-10
002-112 2E-10

These can be grouped together as follows:

Luke group: 012, 002, 112
Matthew group: 212, 211, 210
Mark group: 222,221,220,122,022*,121,020,021,120
Sayings group 1: 200, 201, 202
Sayings group 2: 102

Again, for category definitions, look

Categories listed within a group, are connected by one or more significant relations to other categories in the group. There are no significant relationship between categories in one group and categories in the other groups.

*022 groups with Mark only if the test for significance level is reduced to .0005 from .0003, which gives about a 90% chance of not finding a false positive in the 171 pairings, instead of a 95% chance, as I have used as an overall guideline.
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