The purpose of this page is to host a variety of stuff, that does not really belong on other pages.
Excel Stuff

Here is
a simple adventure game I wrote in Excel.
Save it to your machine, and have fun!

Here is
an Excel program I wrote that calculates sunrise and sunset, anywhere in the world.
Save it to your machine to run it.

Deal or No Deal formula
Xena Fanfiction Stuff

Merwolf's home page

MerwolfPack list

Lunacy's Xena fanfiction reviews

Chicago Area Pups list

Some cow-rels
Fun Song Stuff

A link to the elements song with animation

The Major-General song

The first Lord's song

Text to Wakko's America

Name the states game

Name the countries game

Link to Animaniacs Presidents Song
Kid's Books Stuff

The real Watership Down

Narnia movie

A good
Madeleine L'Engle site

The Wizard of Oz: Parable on Populism
Community Stuff

The Illinois Prairie Path

Unity Temple

Animal rescue site
School and Physics Stuff

My Masters in Physics thesis
"White Dwarf Stars and the Chandrasekhar Limit"

A letter I wrote to "Physics Today"
Misc. Stuff

Snow cover

Impact effects

Numbers in over 4000 languages

Kings of England

Gas prices

Home prices
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