A favorite bit of romantic fiction
It was late by the time they finished, and left the others with a cordial set of good-byes. Kerry was happy.. they'd had a good time, and so, she thought, had Dar. She glanced at her boss as they got into the Lexus, and she settled into the leather seat with a groan. "Oh god.. I think I'm going to explode."

"That's all right.. leather cleans up." Dar blithely replied. "You still up for a walk on the beach?"

"Please.. " Kerry laughed softly. "It's necessary… after all that." She leaned back. "Key lime pie.. what an odd combination of sweet and sour that is."

Dar chuckled. "Some people say.. it's just a reflection of what South Florida is.. a lot of sour with a little sweet on top just to fool you."

Kerry thought about that. "I don't know…it was kind of refreshing…I think I liked it." She decided, watching the softly blowing palm fronds go by as Dar drove over the last causeway, and pulled into a familiar parking lot. "This is ironic." She commented, as they got out and let the cool sea breeze hit them. "This is where I went that night."

No need for Dar to ask which night. "Hmm… " She murmured, as they walked across the sidewalk, and turned right, onto the wooden boardwalk. "It's pretty out here."

The board walk was relatively quiet, and echoed their footsteps as they left the lights of the parking lot behind and approached the softly sighing shoreline. The moon was out, and lighting a rippling pathway across the water, leading up onto the beach, which shone white it its glow. Far out on the horizon, a buoy winked as it bobbed back and forth, and faintly, on the wind, Kerry could hear music coming from the hotels down the shore south of them.

It was pretty, she admitted, as they paused, and perched on the railing of the boardwalk, listening to the waves. The moonlight reflected of Dar's hair, and made her pale eyes colorless, but Kerry had no trouble conjuring up what they looked like as she glanced up into the taller woman's quiet face. She could feel the slow beat of her heart, the rhythm picking up as Dar's eyes left the horizon, and tracked to hers, and the lips curved into a smile. "Nice night." Dar's voice broke the stillness in a quiet rumble.

"Mm… it is, yes." Kerry answered, reveling in the currents she could feel running between them. "Thanks for taking them up on the invite… that worked out better than I thought it would."

Dar slid off the railing, and leaned back against it, so that their heads were almost on a level. "Wasn't bad." She grinned. "I got them with the Bermuda Triangle thing."

Kerry smiled back. "You sure did.. is that true?"

"Oh yeah.. " Dar assured her, turning around and pointing. "You're standing in it right now, in fact."

The turn had put her shoulder right up against Kerry's thigh, and it was too much for her not to let her hand drop to rest against the smooth back, feeling the warmth through the cotton of Dar's shirt.

Dar didn't move. She just continued to look out over the water, but Kerry could see the muscles in her jaw clench a little, then her throat worked as she swallowed. The blond woman's fingers stirred of their own accord, tracing a gentle pattern casually.

The dark head turned very slowly, until those blue eyes were looking right at her.

Looking right through her, and she felt it in her guts, as her knees started to shake a little. "Dar?"

"Mm?" A faint, playful smile was starting, plucking chords in her deeper than anything in her life ever had.

"Can I ask you a personal question?" Kerry knew it was her voice, but she had no idea where the words were coming from, and she felt her heart start to pound.

A shifting of muscle, a sliding of shadows and light, as Dar straightened up, moving closer until Kerry could feel the warmth of her, then a gentle touch on her face brought her eyes up as the taller woman tilted her chin up and studied her intently.

Kerry felt soft cotton under her hands as she slid them up against Dar's body, wanting the contact as Dar ducked her head gracefully and she felt lips brush hers. Light as a feather, then again, as solid contact, lingering and powerful, lasting long enough for her soul to recognize something in her very deep.

Then Dar was pulling back, and she had to focus on those eyes again. "Does that answer your question?" The dark haired woman asked, very softly, her breath warming Kerry's face.

Breathing never seemed so difficult before, but she somehow managed to pull enough air into her lungs to say an audible "Yes." She opened her mouth to say more, but found a finger against her lips.

"Slow." Dar breathed. "Easy.. I'm not used to this, and neither are you."

She felt like laughing, and crying, all at once, and she knew Dar was right. This was way too powerful.. they both needed time to think, and react. But her body was craving something she knew she wasn't capable of denying it any longer. "C…ca…can I.. " She stammered softly, moving closer, her hands moving slowly and timidly against the cotton of Dar's shirt. The taller woman's arms closed around her, and as their bodies made contact, a warm, familiar wave flowed over her.

Kerry let herself settle into place, tucking her head down against Dar's shoulder, and burying her face into her shirt, as she felt Dar's chin rest on the top of her head. It was an explosion of feeling… a deep, aching familiarity that brought tears to her eyes so quickly she couldn't stop them. "Oh god.. " She gasped softly, feeling Dar's breathing catch under her ear. It's been so long. The thought echoed in her mind, from a place buried inside her.

Dar had no idea what to do with the barrage of emotion hammering her from every side. She'd had no intention of taking this to where she had… no intention of shattering these particular barriers. But once Kerry had touched her…

And now… it was her dream realized. She could feel it.. the same warmth, the same feeling the sunlight had shaken her out of the previous morning.

Nothing else mattered. She was lost.

Or maybe she was found.

She tightened her hold, and tipped her head back, regarding the stars. Letting the moon's silver light baptize them as the other half of her soul came sliding home.

At last.
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